Teller County Regional Animal Shelter

Teller County Regional Animal Shelter (Divide, Colorado) | logo of text TCRAS, red, blue dogs, yellow cat, purple dog
Forever improving the lives of animals in our community. Each year, over 800 dogs and cats in need (lost, abandoned, homeless, abused, or neglected) find loving hands, warm beds, and nourishing meals at TCRAS until they are reunited with their family or adopted into new homes. TCRAS gives every companion pet that enters our doors the time, medical attention, training and love they need to be ready for their next chapter.  We endeavor to provide each shelter guest the Five Freedoms: Freedom from hunger and thirst, Freedom from discomfort, Freedom for pain, injury or disease, Freedom to express normal behavior & Freedom from fear or distress. Teller County Regional Animal Shelter Website

Divide, CO 80814
United States