Female Labrador Retriever / Mixed named Mrs. Potts available for adoption

Adoptable Female Labrador Retriever / Mixed
Adoptable Female Labrador Retriever / Mixed

Mrs. Potts

Looks Like: Labrador Retriever / Mixed
Age: Adult
Size: Medium
Color: Tan
Sex: Female

This former stray has a lot to say, but when she's with people she melts and is so sweet. She always has the biggest smile on her face when she is cuddling with someone. She's super smart, enjoys food puzzles and is eager to learn. She has done great learning basic training cues with volunteers. Mrs. Potts can be slightly anxious in new places and cars seem to worry her. As soon as the engine is turned on, she barks and will bark until the engine is off. She will also chase cars if given the chance. Her caregivers at the Sanctuary are working with her to increase her comfort level with vehicles. She can be picky with her doggie friends. When first meeting new dogs, she is very forward and can show a bit of aggression, but if the other dog remains calm and non-threatening she relaxes and loves to play. She is wonderful on walks with her doggie roommates, but she can be reactive and will bark and lunge toward other dogs she sees when she's on a leash. Her caregivers are using yummy treats and training to keep her focused while walking past other dogs. Mrs. Potts was born in 2017. She has an old pelvic injury and may need surgery to correct it. Although she's not in any obvious discomfort or pain, she skips on that leg periodically and should not do strenuous hikes. She'd love an active home with a yard, especially one that has a tall, sturdy fence, and a person who loves to cuddle.