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Jessica Rabbit

Sanctuary (Kanab)
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Jessica Rabbit, the epitome of sweetness in a white rabbit's form, radiates happiness and warmth wherever she hops. Her friendly nature makes her an instant favorite among all who meet her. Bound to her partner, Otis, their inseparable bond adds an extra layer of charm and love to their dynamic. Adoption together is a must, ensuring they continue to spread joy side by side. Jessica's culinary delight lies in nibbling on little slices of red apples, savoring each juicy bite with delight. When the sun casts its gentle rays, Jessica finds solace in basking in its warmth, enjoying peaceful naps that recharge her spirit. With Jessica Rabbit and Otis, a world of love, laughter, and sunshine awaits their forever home.

Because of their charming and distinctive personalities, rabbits make wonderful pets. Although they are incredibly social with their human families, bunnies need the companionship of their own kind to thrive. From kissing and cuddling to sleeping and playing, bonded rabbits live as a pair and do everything together to ensure each other's safety and comfort. Without a companion, rabbits become lonely, depressed and anxious.

So that our rabbits live their longest, healthiest and happiest lives, we have bonded them with a companion, and we only offer them for adoption in these pairs. Since bonded bunnies share the same bed, exercise pen, litter box, and food and water dishes, caring for two rabbits is just as easy as caring for one. So not only will you save two lives, but you'll also enjoy watching your two rabbits hop, play, snuggle and enjoy their new home together.