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Ending dog breed specific restrictions against pit bull terriers and other dogs

Breed-specific legislation (also known as BSL) refers to laws that ban or restrict certain types of dogs based simply on their appearance, usually because they are perceived as dangerous.

These antiquated ordinances limit responsible people’s right to love and care for any breed of dog they choose. In addition, BSL often forces people to give up their innocent pets, which no one should have to do. That’s why, with your help, Best Friends is dedicated to eliminating breed-specific legislation once and for all.

Working with communities to repeal breed-restrictive legislation

Best Friends and passionate people like you are taking a stand for pit bull terriers and other breeds of dogs in need. The Best Friends advocacy team works with legislators, decision-makers and other individuals in communities nationwide to repeal breed-specific ordinances and policies.

Members of the 2025 Action Team also work around the nation to communicate with elected officials and advocate against BSL.

Creating wins for dogs everywhere

With the help of Best Friends’ advocacy team and animal advocates like you, as of 2019, 22 states have passed provisions against breed restrictions, and we’re working every day to increase that number.

In 2021, Nevada and New York passed laws prohibiting breed restrictions by insurance companies.

Take action to end breed-specific legislation

Here are some ways you can ensure that every dog gets a chance to have a safe and happy life:

Support a local effort to stop dog breed specific restrictions

Join your local grassroots action team

Join a local team of advocates to ensure that every dog gets a chance to have a safe and happy life.

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