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Honoring Candy Udell with Gregory and Julie Castle and Francis Battista at the New York Benefit to Save Them All

Honoring Candy Udell

By Julie Castle | April 15, 2019

Self-made entrepreneur, long-time activist and co-founder of Rescue Paw Foundation receives honor at New York Benefit to Save Them All.

Woman releasing a community cat from a live trap with a Best Friends van behind them

Best Friends live from Coachella!

By Julie Castle | March 19, 2019

Like in other areas of the country where implemented, the community cat program at Coachella Valley Animal Campus has increased the shelter’s cat save rate and decreased its intake.

Shadow the German shepherd playing arguing with small spaniel-type dog Stanley

The Goon Show

By Julie Castle | February 28, 2019

Shadow and Stanley are the best dogs, as are all dogs, which makes ending the killing in animal shelters so imperative.

Julie Castle, CEO of Best Friends Animal Society Julie Castle
Best Friends Animal Society