6 stay-at-home survival tips from the animals at Best Friends

Cute animals at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary demonstrate tips and tricks for staying sane while you're stuck at home.
By Sarah Thornton

How’s that quarantine going so far? Millions of people are facing cabin fever and struggling to stay focused while working from home, but the animals at Best Friends have some tips and tricks to share that will help you get through it.

1. Keep a routine and get dressed.

Black and white cat wearing a cute pink outfit while sitting on the corner of a desk

It’s tempting to hang out in your pajamas all day. You’re at home, right? That’s one of the perks. But Hero would like to remind you to keep a normal routine. Take a shower, brush your teeth and get dressed ― even if you don’t feel like it.

2. Keep on top of the chores.

Tabby and white cat standing up with his front paws on a box of Fresh Step cat litter, with a litter pan in the background

Sweetness the cat knows that when you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s easy to get behind on chores. Don’t let clothes pile up. Clean your room. Take out the trash. And most important of all, keep that litter box scooped. It feels great to focus on things you do have control over and to have a clean, tidy space.

3. Indulge in your hobbies.

Small fuzzy dog lying on a blanket with a bunch of dog toys in front of him

Knitting, painting, gaming, building and writing: What do you love to do? Make the best of more at-home time by dusting off a project or picking up a new one. Quinten’s hobby is stuffed toy collecting. Isn’t he good at it?

4. Stay active.

Your couch or favorite chair may be comfortable, but too much time there and you might find yourself with aches and sore spots. Get up and get moving. Do some squats with your pet. Run a lap around the back yard, or take a cue from Kaimi and dance like no one’s watching. (They’re not because they’re all at home, too.) Exercise just makes you feel good.

5. Treat yourself to a favorite snack.

Don’t be shy. Dig into that bag of chips. If it makes you happy, go for it. If you’re worried about running out, Fran has a secondary tip for you: Hide your favorite snacks around the house so you have to remember where you put them before you can eat them. Fran shows us how it’s done with her snuffle mat.

6. Don’t forget to rest.

Two pigs sleeping next to each other

After all that getting up, getting ready, taking care of your chores and exercising, it’s also important to rest. Sometimes that can be tough when things are stressful and you’re cooped up and restless. But after a good start and a full day of activities, it’s OK to take a nap.

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Photos by Molly Wald and Cassie-Rowell

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