Summertime fun at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Ludwig, a smiling white dog, wearing sunglasses
The sun is hot but the pets are cool. Check out how some of the animals at Best Friends are making the most of summer.
By Sarah Thornton

When it comes to fun and refreshing summertime activities, it’s not just about dogs in pools here at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, though there’s plenty of that. Furry and feathery friends all over the canyon are getting into the summer spirit, while caregivers help them stay cool. And it’s all very, very cute.

Mud is for pigs

For the discerning pig, wallowing in the mud is one of the most luxurious options for cooling off. And the best puddles are in high demand. This is great because mud keeps them cooler for even longer than water, and it can help keep the bugs off, to boot. Plus, it’s just a lot of fun blowing mud bubbles. 

Summer showers for pigeons

The excitement of a gentle shower has pigeons rolling around and fluffing up their feathers to catch as many of the refreshing drops as possible. A little sprinkling is great for getting clean, cooling down and goofing off.

Thinking outside the pool

We said this wasn’t just dogs in pools because they’re also heading out to the creek. Calais certainly enjoyed leading his caregiver on a trek downstream — a cooling experience for both of them.

He also took a page out of the pigs’ book and had some fun blowing bubbles.

Stopping to smell the flowers

When you’re out on a walk in the middle of summer, it’s important to take your time and take plenty of breaks. Beowoof has it all figured out: Just stop and smell the flowers — each and every one of them. Wait, wait, did you smell that one over there yet?

Bringing the outside in

Showers and mud and swimming are great for most of the animals at the Sanctuary, but what about our not-so-aquatically-inclined friends? It turns out, bringing the outside in can be a valid option. A kiddie pool full of fresh green grass to roll on (and maybe nibble on) is just right when it’s too warm to go outside.

Cooling down at night

Oh, well. When we suggested enjoying the nightlife, we were thinking more along the lines of lying outside and watching the stars. But J Lo’s approach could be fun, too. She’s definitely cool. That’s for sure.

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