Talk to the paw photos

These cute photos of animals convey the meaning of the phrase ‘talk to the paw' loudly and clearly. Enjoy!
By Jennifer Hayes

Need a cure for the Monday blues? Our photo feature is here to help provide a brief diversion from your workday routine with a small dose of squee, wow and awwww. Enjoy!

When a person says “Talk to the hand,” complete with gesture, it’s a way of dismissing someone. But when animals offer a “talk to the paw,” they’re reaching out and typically inviting interaction. Really, who can resist cute images of animals trying to grab your attention? And if the paws in the pics include little jelly bean toes, all the better! Check out the photos below and be invited into the Sanctuary residents’ world.

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Dinozo the cat says talk to the paw
Whew, I can’t move another inch.


Bouncer the cat, looking ornery with his paw up
High five


Barney the orange tabby cat rolled over on his back with his paws up
Come on baby, let’s do the twist.

Calypso the calico cat swatting through a box
Don’t you know how hard it is to catch a grasshopper?


Grayson the cat grabbing upward with his paw
Pick me, pick me!


Clemence the dog lifting his paw up
Whoa! Haven’t you heard of personal space?


Hannah the gray cat reaching with her paw
That looks delicious. Now if I could just reach it.


Lux the kitten says talk to the paw
Psst, I’ve got a secret.


Mesa the calico cat stretching her paw
Help, the gravitational pull of this box is too strong.


Michonne the tabby cat lying down with her paw out
I want you!


Moe the white rabbit lifting his back paw up
Could I please get some hand sanitizer?


Inu the cat saying talk to the paw
Come on, please give me a hug.


Jordy the cat swatting with her paw
Santa, don’t forget me. I’ve been good this year.


Happy dog Desiree lifting her front paw
Hey, lookie here. Don’t forget the dogs.


Cat in a wooden box shaped like a cat with his paw on top of it
Good kitty


Noah the tabby cat reaching with his paw
No, I’m the most handsome tabby cat around here.


Cats in the rafters with their paws up
One. Two. Three. Four. Five?


Raquel upside down, swatting her paw
No paparazzi!


Scrapper the cat swatting from his hammock
Stay away! This is my hammock.


Photos by Best Friends staff

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