Tall, shaggy and handsome

But not injured! Gentry doesn't like to think of himself as injured.
By Best Friends Animal Society

"What injury?" Gentry doesn't understand when somebody refers to him as an injured dog. Sure, he had a tangle with a car last August. And yeah, he still can't put any weight on one of his back legs, but he doesn’t let that slow him down. He thinks three legs are every bit as good as four. If you don't believe him, just try and keep up with him when he decides to start sprinting around his play area. He’s also every bit as eager to go on walks. This is not a dog who wants to waste one minute feeling sorry for himself.

Gentry came to Best Friends from a shelter in northern Utah that had to downsize. He was picked to come because of his special medical needs. Even if Gentry doesn't think so, that leg of his really does need attention. Before coming to Best Friends, he had already had surgery involving pins, screws, and a metal plate in his hip but he still carries that leg around like dead weight. The first step will be x-rays to help figure out what needs to happen next.

At Best Friends, he'll receive all the medical help he needs. And even if treatment has to end up in amputation, knowing Gentry, there's a chance he'll just decide to run even faster!

This shaggy fellow loves visitors. One glance at a possible new friend and he scurries over to swap life stories. He's the kind of dog who will try to squeeze his body through the fence to get a couple inches closer to you. So no matter what that leg and hip of his are doing, it's pretty obvious the injury hasn't interfered with his cheery personality. What a guy!

Story by David Dickson


Photo by Sarah Ause

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