Anne Mejia with a tan dog

Anne Mejia

Co-Founder & Board Secretary

Anne Mejia (pictured with Bodhi, her sweet Labrador/pit bull terrier boy) is one of the founders of Best Friends Animal Society. Anne is the Director of Principal Gifts and currently sits on the board of directors.

In the formative years of Best Friends Animal Society, the founders wore many hats. Anne established the Welcome Center, which includes volunteer coordination, the gift shop and tours of the Sanctuary. During that time she helped create Angels Rest Pet Memorial Park to honor the passing of Best Friends' cherished animal residents. She was one of the leaders in the Katrina rescue operation in 2005. Anne helped to establish Best Friends Development Division and as Director of Principal Gifts she oversees a dynamic team of fundraisers

Anne resides at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary with her husband and Co-Founder Cyrus Mejia and their family of dogs and cats.