Faith Maloney

Faith Maloney


Faith Maloney is one of the founders of Best Friends. She is a consultant in all aspects of animal care at the sanctuary, including the Best Friends clinic and adoption programs.

In the early days of Best Friends, Faith spent much of the day in the direct care and feeding of the animals. These days, she devotes an increasing amount of time to helping people from all over the world who are starting sanctuaries themselves. On any given day, at least one group is visiting Best Friends with plans to start a sanctuary or other local animal-care program. Before working with Best Friends, Faith was involved with animal care in a small private sanctuary in Pennsylvania, and with counseling and social work in New York and Chicago. She has three children, one of whom is also involved in the work of Best Friends.

Faith was born in England and has a degree in fine art. She writes articles on animal issues and animal care for Best Friends magazine and other publications.

historical image of Faith Maloney with a doghistorical image of Faith Maloney with a donkey