Steve Hirano

Steven Hirano


Steven Hirano came to Angel Canyon in 1984 and began building. In the following seven years, he was immersed in the construction of the initial buildings and animal care areas at Best Friends. In 1991, he shifted his talents to publishing; he began printing the Best Friends newsletter and growing the organization’s membership. A year later, he started printing Best Friends magazine and published it for 17 years. During that period, the membership and subscription base for the magazine grew to a quarter of a million supporters nationwide, with more than $100 million raised.

In the last four years, Steven has gone back to building as the new building supervisor. Completed to date are the new Cat Headquarters, the Bunny House headquarters and a complete facelift of Piggy Paradise. He recently completed work on the state-of the-art Best Friends clinic and is working on a new dog admissions building and a remake of Horse Haven.

historical image of Steven Hirano doing constructionhistorical image of Steven Hirano with a white horse