All the little things we love about big dogs

You embrace the love, you embrace the size, and you embrace all the unforgettable moments that come with having a big dog and being a "big dog person." That's the #BigDogEffect.

Are you a big dog person?

Show off the big dog you love by posting on social with #BigDogEffect. But, you don't have to have a big dog to love them -- share our #BigDogEffect quiz on social to get your friends involved, too.

How you can help

Big dogs, those that weigh over 40 pounds, are at high risk of being killed in shelters, because of some myth that they need too much attention or they are too hard to handle. Together we can not only help big dogs, but help others realize they're "big dog people" too.

Here's how you can help:

Help big dogs locally

A whole lotta love is waiting for you California.

Adopt or foster a Texas-size dog today.

Adopt or foster a big dog

If you need an energetic playmate, a cuddle buddy, a reliable companion or a couple extra kisses, big dogs are the answer. Adopt or foster a big dog today.

​Big Dog Love Stories

Be a best friend

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