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Fetch Pet Insurance is helping us save the lives of homeless pets

Best Friends and Fetch Pet Insurance are working together to end the killing of cats and dogs that’s happening every day in shelters in the United States.

Fetch Pet Insurance is dedicated to helping pets live their longest, healthiest lives, just like we are here at Best Friends. That’s why we’re teaming up to save the lives of dogs and cats in our communities.

Keeping pets happy and healthy

Pets make our lives so much brighter. We understand why caring pet lovers, like you, want to give dogs and cats their happiest, healthiest lives.

Even with the very best love and care, an illness or accident can happen to our pets when we least expect it. We know how scary and stressful that can be, especially when expensive vet bills are factored in. 

Pet insurance can help protect your pet (and your wallet) when the unexpected happens. Fetch Pet Insurance offers the most comprehensive coverage in the U.S. and Canada. Get a free, no-obligation quote today, so you can explore the best coverage for your pet. 

Best Friends supporters get up to 10% off Fetch Pet Insurance every month for an entire year!* 

Fetch will donate $10 to Best Friends every time a Best Friends supporter receives a free pet insurance quote from Fetch.

*Discounts and offers are subject to approval and may change at any time. Maximum available discount is 10% and may not be available in all states and is not valid with any other offer.

TLC for the win: A sick kitten recovers thanks to amazing veterinary care

Heartwarming pet recovery stories

Pets show us some of the most profound examples of resilience, and here are a few we love.

Protecting your pet

Our pets give us the love we need when we need it the most, and you can ensure the same for them. Your pets rely on you to protect them from harm, and pet insurance can help you give them a happy, healthy life.

When you get your free quote today, Fetch will donate $10 to Best Friends to help save homeless pets.

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