Male Domestic Short Hair named Sage available for adoption

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Sanctuary (Kanab)
Looks like
Domestic Short Hair
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Meet Sage, the charming grey and white tabby with a heart as warm as his fur. This delightful feline is the epitome of friendliness, his affable nature evident in every purr and twinkle in his expressive green eyes. Sage's love for fellow feline friends knows no bounds, as he embraces every opportunity for playful adventures and joyous camaraderie. Whether engaging in spirited games or basking in the warmth of cuddles, Sage is the quintessential companion, radiating love and affection. A true shoulder cat at heart, he finds his favorite perch on your shoulders, offering a purr-fect vantage point for observing the world together. Sage, with his magnetic personality and zest for life, is not just a pet; he's a cherished member of the family, spreading joy and companionship wherever his playful paws tread.