Male German Shepherd Dog / Mixed named Eurkel available for adoption

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West LA
Looks like
German Shepherd Dog / Mixed
Estimated Birthdate
Black with Tan, Yellow or Fawn

Eurkle is a delightful senior companion with a youthful spirit. Despite his age, he approaches life with a playful attitude, especially when it comes to his favorite pastime-chasing and bouncing a ball. His friendly nature shines through during walks, as he eagerly greets both humans and fellow canines with a wagging tail. In new surroundings, he may initially feel a bit anxious, but a few gentle head scratches and his love for coat brushing work wonders in calming his worries. He's potty trained and signals his need to go outside by standing at the door and emitting soft whimpers. While he enjoys spending time outdoors, it's important to keep his walks brief to avoid tiring his joints. Eurkle is a sweet boy who radiates love and joy, making him an ideal companion for those seeking a lovable and low-maintenance furry friend.