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New York City
Looks like
Domestic Short Hair
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White (Mostly)

Introducing Paisley, a captivating 2-year old calico girl with a unique journey of growth and transformation. She is gentle and independant. During the first 48 hours with her foster, Paisley was incredibly shy, preferring to explore and eat during the quietness of the night. After a week, she began to hang around out in the open during the day, displaying a more vocal side, though still maintaining a bit of distance. Now, Paisley loves being close, engaging in playful interactions, and showcasing the loudest purring during feeding time.

Described as curious, silly, and a bit jumpy, Paisley has a penchant for napping and savoring her meals. While she may not enjoy being picked up, her unique personality shines through in various ways. She enjoys playing with her small mouse toy and using a scratching post.

Despite initial shyness, Paisley quickly adapts to new people, feeling comfortable enough to walk close and share the space. Her favorite moments include the joyous purring that accompanies breakfast, and she occasionally joins in for a TV-watching session.

It's important to note that, despite her love for feeding times, Paisley won't accept treats directly, instead, she delights in enjoying them from her dish. Patience is the key with Paisley, and as she observes your daily life, she becomes more comfortable and affectionate.

Paisley is the kind of cat that requires a little time and patience for a lifetime of love and trust. If she sounds like the perfect match for you, sign up to meet Paisley via a virtual meet and greet today! For any questions, please contact fosternyc@bestfriends.org.

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