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Meet Lily, a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix with a heart as big as her size! Despite being a larger pup, Lily believes she's a tiny Chihuahua and is ready to shower you with affection. Her exuberant and goofy personality makes her a delight to be around, and she loves giving big dog kisses to everyone she meets. Lily is an excellent walking companion, displaying impeccable leash skills and a calm demeanor around other dogs and cats.

Lily has been spayed, microchipped, dewormed, and is up-to-date on vaccines. In her foster care, Lily has been described as exuberant, goofy, and loving. She enjoys hanging out with her humans, especially when receiving affection and positive reinforcement. Lily's favorite spot for petting is her ears, and she's gradually learning to interact with other dogs, showing interest without being aggressive.

When it comes to leash skills, Lily is a star-she doesn't pull and walks calmly. While she is crate trained and can be left alone, she might engage in some chewing if not supervised. Lily thinks she's a lapdog despite her 70-pound weight, so be prepared for some cuddly moments.

Prospective adopters should note that Lily is still in the process of learning basic commands and potty training. She requires patience, consistent training, and an active lifestyle. Lily's potential shines through, and with the right guidance, she will blossom into an incredible companion. For those interested in meeting Lily, she is available for a virtual meet and greet through fosternyc@bestfriends.org. Please be aware that animals are not held for adoption, and Lily is ready to bring joy and love to her forever family!