Male Lionhead/Netherland Dwarf named Floyd available for adoption

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Sanctuary (Kanab)
Looks like
Lionhead/Netherland Dwarf
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Meet Floyd, the irresistibly fluffy and endearing small rabbit in search of a forever home. With his velvety fur and adorable twitching nose, Floyd captivates hearts effortlessly. Available for adoption, this charming bunny promises joy and companionship. However, Floyd comes with a tiny quirk - a penchant for gentle nibbles to seek attention. Hence, he would thrive in a household with older children or adults who understand his need for patience and guidance. Despite his occasional nibbles, Floyd's lovable nature outweighs any mischievous tendencies. His sweet demeanor and undeniable cuteness attract many, yet finding the perfect match requires someone willing to provide the special care and understanding Floyd deserves. Floyd is bonded to Oscar and the two must be adopted together.