There are dogs and cats in Houston just waiting for a best friend like you!

When you adopt a homeless dog or cat from a shelter or rescue group in Houston, you’re not only saving the life of a loving and loyal animal, you’re making space for other pets to find families of their own.

41 pets available for adoption

Silhouette of two dogs, cat and kitten

More Houston area pets

Shelters and rescue groups throughout the greater Houston area are full of loving cats and dogs looking for homes with people like you.

Greater Houston continues to see a record number of homeless dogs and cats in our communities, and because of that, many shelters and rescue groups in the area are over capacity. 

When you adopt a homeless pet instead of buying a pet online or from a pet store, you not only give a safe home to an animal who could have been at risk of losing their life due to lack of resources, but you also create space for another pet in our community to be rescued. 

You can save the lives of dogs and cats in your community when you adopt from shelters like these in the greater Houston area: