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Did you know?

So many friendly, loyal, and fabulously-behaved dogs and cats of all breeds, mixes, and ages are available to adopt at shelters and rescue groups around the country.

Adopting generally costs much less than buying an animal from a pet shop or breeder.

Nearly all pet stores are supplied by puppy mills, which have been inhumanely breeding and selling dogs for decades.

When you adopt your next pet, you’re helping to save lives!

Puppy mill facts:
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Life in a puppy mill is no life for our best friends. But together, we can take a stand and create a future where every dog can feel safe, happy and loved.

Sponsor a pet, save a life!

You can make a big difference when you sponsor a homeless pet from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Meet Leona, Penny and Rosie, or check out some of the other animals waiting for their perfect matches.

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