This seven-week program will give you the knowledge and encouragement you need to save the lives of kittens and cats in your community. 

Presented in collaboration with Southern Utah University, the Cat Lifesaving Course (CLC) takes a deep dive into the strategies, programs and actions that have proven most successful in saving the lives of kittens and cats, the most at-risk populations in our nation’s shelters.   

You’ll learn from experts from across the country who cover everything from community cat programming and kitten fostering to strategic intake and how to best use volunteers.  

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The Cat Lifesaving Course offers animal caregivers, community members, and animal advocates, and volunteers an opportunity to learn about the proven policies, programs and procedures necessary to meet the community’s expectation of cat lifesaving.



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What you’ll learn 

The CLC program taps into the lifesaving knowledge and skills of seasoned practitioners. 

You’ll learn what programs and strategies you can implement to save more cats’ lives and deepen your understanding of a wide range of topics all geared toward feline lifesaving. 

Modules include introduction to cat lifesaving, community cat programming, strategic intake, adoptions, fosters and volunteers, cats in shelters, shelter medicine and kittens.

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What to expect 

During the program, you will be asked to complete seven comprehensive, online modules, participate in online discussions and complete weekly assignments.

You should expect to spend about six to nine hours per week on self-study assignments and developing a pilot program proposal.

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Benefits of the program 

When you successfully complete the program you will earn one credit and a cat lifesaving digital badge from Southern Utah University.

The course focuses foundationally on how lifesaving can be increased. Activities and discussions during the program are designed to facilitate relationships with animal services advocates and professionals, and provide support. 

You’ll be empowered to provide your community with lifesaving strategies and programs. 

Upon graduation, you’ll have access to a private Facebook group to continue learning and connect with other graduates for ongoing support.  

Ready to up your lifesaving game? 

You can make a difference for kittens and cats in your community, and we invite you to get started with the application process today. 

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