High Sierra Animal Rescue

High Sierra Animal Rescue (Portola, California) logo of drawing of mountains, sun, trees with dog & cat

Mission Statement: To rescue homeless, adoptable pets and provide them with the care they need until they can be placed into permanent, loving homes. Vision Statement: Continuous improvement in all aspects of animal rescue. Our Values: Successful Adoptions - continuously improve our adoption process to find the best-fit homes, minimize re-homing and find that best-fit home as soon as possible to make the best use of our limited space and resources. Spay/Neuter - Focus on population control and responsible pet ownership. Why it is important emphasizing the health benefits as well. Education - Focus on responsible pet ownership, especially with younger people to help "break the chain". Emphasize the importance of socialization, training and exercise. Formal Agreements - Strive for formal agreements in cooperative efforts with Plumas County Animal Services and other rescue organizations we support in northern California and northern Nevada.

Portola, CA