High Sierra Animal Rescue

High Sierra Animal Rescue (Portola, California) logo of drawing of mountains, sun, trees with dog & cat
Mission Statement: To rescue homeless, adoptable pets and provide them with the care they need until they can be placed into permanent, loving homes. Vision Statement: Continuous improvement in all aspects of animal rescue. Our Values: Successful Adoptions - continuously improve our adoption process to find the best-fit homes, minimize re-homing and find that best-fit home as soon as possible to make the best use of our limited space and resources. Spay/Neuter - Focus on population control and responsible pet ownership. Why it is important emphasizing the health benefits as well. Education - Focus on responsible pet ownership, especially with younger people to help "break the chain". Emphasize the importance of socialization, training and exercise. Formal Agreements - Strive for formal agreements in cooperative efforts with Plumas County Animal Services and other rescue organizations we support in northern California and northern Nevada. High Sierra Animal Rescue Website

Portola, CA 96122
United States