Navajo Animal Rescue Network

Navajo Animal Rescue Network, (Kayenta, Arizona) logo black horse and dog silhouette with horseshoe outlined in red with black text

The Navajo Animal Rescue Network’s Mission is to rescue stray, homeless and unwanted domestic animals that roam Kayenta and the surrounding communities, and provide a temporary, yet safe environment as well as needed medical care.  We will rehabilitate those in need, provide shelter and/or foster care for them, and in the end, find loving “forever” homes for as many animals as humanly possible.  NARN will independently work to improve the local public awareness concerning humane treatment of animals along with responsibility issues by the offering low-cost sterilization programs.  All involved with NARN will make personal commitments to provide humane sensitivity and a compassion for all the needs of these precious animals that cannot help themselves.

Kayenta, AZ 86033
United States