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Waggin Trails Rescue Foundation
Huntington Beach, CA

No dog should be without a home and no home without a dog. In a word, Waggin' Trails Rescue Foundation is a "lifesaver."  We rescue and locally re-home or transport companion animals scheduled for death due to lack of space in California shelters, as well as other neglected or abused animals. Waggin' Trails Rescue has volunteers throughout the state of California, and friends and partners in many states and Canada.

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Wagaroo Animal Partners
Menlo Park, CA

Wagaroo’s Family2Family program is a high quality, free rehoming resource for owners and for shelters/rescues! We provide profile listings on our website, marketing, and expert advice and guidance to owners, from helping them determine whether there are interventions that will allow them keep their dog to consulting on the most effective ways to interview potential new families to everything in between. Shelters now have a great alternative to offer those who call inquiring about surrender, and owners have a partner in the rehoming process.  

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Wadena County Humane Society
Wadena, MN

Wadena County Humane Society saves the lives of companion animals, finds forever homes for forsaken pets, and advocates responsible animal guardianship in our community.

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VT Dog Rescue, Inc
Hinesburg, VT

Our approach to the adoption process is friendly, compassionate and understanding.  We care about our dogs and we are thankful for our applicants.  We are a rescue with heart and soul dedicated to placing rescued dogs in loving homes.  VT Dog Rescue saves dogs of all breeds and all ages from puppies to seniors. We can help you find the perfect dog for your family and we provide lifetime support for that pup.

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Voorhes logo
Voorhees, NJ
The Voorhees Animal Orphanage will provide food, shelter and medical care to rescued cats and dogs for the purpose of returning them to their owners or finding them suitable, permanent new homes.  Go to website
Volunteers of the Burbank AS
Burbank, CA
The Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter, a 501(c)(3) animal service agency, is devoted to providing medical, social, behavioral and financial care for animals at risk and determined to eliminate animal homelessness in the Burbank community. Go to website
Voices of Change Animal League
Ocala, FL

Our mission is to prevent unwanted pets from living a life of suffering and subsequent early, undeserved death, and to educate the public as to the inherent worthiness of all canine breeds, including pit-bull type dogs and domestic cats; including ferals. Our ultimate goal is to become a no-kill county.

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BF Network Partner 172H
Charlotte, MI

We work to create change for companion animals by caring for those in need through our foster-care system, reducing the unwanted pet population with spay/neuter programs, & supporting efforts and initiatives that benefit the protection of animals. We advocate abolishing pound seizure and are against animal cruelty. Voiceless-MI supports humane education programs for the public and encourages respect and compassion for all animals.

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Voice for the Animals Foundation
Santa Monica, CA
Voice For The Animals Foundation is devoted to creating respect and empathy for animals through education, rescue, legislation, and advocacy. Go to website
Virginia Federation of Humane Societies
Edinburg, VA
The Virginia Federation of Humane Societies (VFHS) is a membership organization founded in 1959. Our membership includes pounds and other animal shelters, humane societies, rescue groups, sanctuaries, and animal control agencies, as well as animal caregivers and individual supporters across Virginia. Primary among our goals is to address the issues of animal cruelty and pet overpopulation within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Go to website
VIP Rescue of Central Florida, Inc
Maitland, FL
To educate citizens of central Florida on the homelessness and over population of pets. To show compassion to all animals in our care. To ensure respect and appreciation for all qualified supporters and volunteers who support our values. Our vision is to provide the highest quality of care while seeking and securing new homes for small breed dogs and connecting with the central Florida community. Go to website
Vintage Pet Rescue
North Kingstown, RI

Vintage Pet Rescue “VPR” is a retirement home for senior, geriatric or hospice dogs (and soon cats) sourced from shelters across the eastern United States.

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