No Feline Left Behind

No Feline Left Behind, (Denver, Colorado), logo is “NFLB” with cats on the letters above the organization name and tagline

We advocate and care for stray, feral, and abandoned felines. "A Community Saving a Colony" is our slogan as colony caretakers are vital to the survival of many strays and we support them by providing TNR servìces and adoption using socialization when possible. Also whether it be about a colony in need of TNR or an injured cat needing care, any information received from the public aids us in our rescue efforts to best meet the needs of community felines.  While we do provide TNR service, we believe it should be a last resort measure. Meaning, that lost cats should be reunited with their owners, very sick cats humanely euthanized, and those capable of socializing adopted out to good homes.

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Denver, CO 80239
United States