Pacific Pug Rescue

Pacific Pug Rescue (Tigard, Oregon) logo is a pug face with a heart tag circled by the org name in colorful letters
We rescue, rehabilitate and place unwanted, neglected and abused Pugs in permanent adoptive homes. The Pugs and former owners we work with are from throughout Oregon, Idaho and Washington, we rescue pugs regardless of age or medical condition.  Prior to adoption, our Pugs are cared for by our dedicated foster families located in the Portland Metro area. While there and before adoption can occur, our Pugs receive medical care including spaying/neutering, dental surgery, vaccinations, and microchips and any other medical care needed.  In addition to saving Pugs, we strive to educate the public about the breed, including its personality, health issues and care, and about the importance of domestic animal population control. Pacific Pug Rescue Website

Tigard, OR 97224
United States