SevaDog (Junction City, Oregon) logo is a pawprint with “SevaDog” on the paw pad
SevaDog is a last chance rescue and sanctuary for dogs deemed un-adoptable by shelters, other rescue groups, and local owner surrenders.Dogs come here to heal with the support of experienced volunteers and all efforts are made to ensure veterinary care including extensive surgeries and after care. We focus on Pit Bulls, bait dogs, neglect cases, domestic violence victim dogs, feral dogs, little dogs with fear based behaviors. Training along with mental and physical exercise provides the skills for re-homing dogs into forever homes. We will provide continued support for adopters. We sponsor spay and neuters for low income families in Eugene/Springfield as well as emergency vet care when funds allow. We provide a excellent quality of life for each dog regardless of their length of stay. We will continue to educate ourselves and be the best we can be for the dogs we devote our lives to. SevaDog Website

Junction City, OR 97448
United States