Shelter Chic

Shelter Chic (New York, New York) | logo of pit bull dog in tutu, cat in blue scarf, glasses, cartoon Shelter Chic, paw print
Shelter Chic’s primary mission is to find more homeless dogs and cats forever homes. Our positive, whimsical vibe welcomes people who, for various reasons, prefer to buy their pets from stores or breeders. We aim to take away the stigma associated with animal shelters and its animals and attract a diverse crowd looking to welcome a four (or three!) legged addition to their family. Shelter Chic strives to educate the average pet-lover about the importance of adoption and other issues relating to animal welfare in a friendly and fun way. We welcome all, promote love, and encourage spoiling our furry friends because in the end, they're the ones who rescue us. Shelter Chic Website

New York, NY 10019
United States