Annual Blessing at Angels Rest

Please include my beloved friend, , in this year’s memorial ceremony.


About Angels Rest

More than a final resting place for cherished pets, Angels Rest is a place of profound beauty and sacredness. Even on still days, you can hear the sound of its many wind chimes, representing those who have so deeply touched our lives. Our annual Blessing here celebrates the unbreakable bonds we share with animals and honors those forever in our hearts. Please send your own message of love to a treasured pet to be included in this most special ceremony, held June 29.

  • Remember a beloved pet. Help save the life of another.

  • Join 30,000 animal lovers in a special day of remembrance for cherished companions.

  • Please make a gift and send your special message of love. Be a part of the Angels Rest Blessing this year.

Angels RestAngels RestAngels Rest

"I don't care how much time has gone by, you never forget their unconditional love and the joyful memories they gave you."
— Donna D.

"We're proud to honor our beloved Klaus von Bear, our Rottweiler who passed at the age of 15 years old, through Angels Rest."
— Mark M & Suzanne G.

"I have visited Angels Rest and know in my heart that it is a special place, where love between all souls is heard and felt."
— Rowana H.


Some animals remain forever in our hearts. We remember these treasured pets, as well as those who have touched the lives of friends or loved ones.


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