To honor our unbreakable bond with the animals, we’ve dedicated these exquisite spots at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Angels Rest and Angels Overlook are sites of exceptional peace and quiet beauty, much more than final resting places for Sanctuary animals and cherished companions of Best Friends members, staff, and pet lovers. 

They are tributes to the enduring bond we share with animals. 

Set against the vastness of Angel Canyon, wind chimes softly sound with the slightest breeze, and each marker celebrates the memory of a beloved pet. Together, they remind us of the connectedness of all living things. 

A visit to Angels Rest

To get a sense of the beauty and tranquility of Angels Rest, please watch this guided video tour. It’s by our own Best Friends co-founder Faith Maloney, who passed away shortly after it was recorded.

Tokens of remembrance for pets we’ve lost

At Best Friends, the ritual of leaving stones or tokens on the graves of animals lost has become a cherished and meaningful tradition. 

Leaving a stone represents your loving support for those connected to this special pet and acknowledges and honors the bond that exists between them forever. 

Monthly animal blessings

A monthly blessing is held at Angels Rest to honor beloved Sanctuary animals, as well as pets of Best Friends members, staff, and pet lovers who have recently passed.

Blessings provide a way for people of all creeds and backgrounds to commemorate the lives of special pets and find healing alongside those who understand and value these extraordinary bonds.

You can view past Blessings here.

Wind chimes and other ways to memorialize

Angels Rest is a place of profound beauty and serenity. Even on still days, you can hear the soothing sound of the wind chimes, representing those who have so deeply touched our lives. 

To place wind chimes at Angels Rest in honor of a pet or person, or to have wind chimes shipped directly to your home, visit our memorials page. 

Explore the variety of options, including memorial gifts, cards, and more, available now to honor your pet or an animal-loving person in your life.  

For information about placing your pet at Angels Rest, please contact

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View of Angels Overlook



We invite you to walk the grounds or take a guided tour of Angels Rest and Angels Overlook at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, located in southern Utah.

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Honor your pet with a memorial

Pay tribute to your special animal companion by creating a pet memorial. The process is simple, and you’ll be guided at your own pace through each step.