10 more reasons to foster a pet

What are 10 reasons to foster a pet? Read on to find out. Cute photos illustrate each point.
By Best Friends staff

We’ve given you the top 10 reasons to foster a shelter animal, but the truth is, there are lots more. For example, did you know that dogs make great fitness buddies who will gladly help you get all those Fitbit steps in? And did you know that cats are natural heated blankets?

Want the rock-star treatment? All you have to do is walk in your front door and your foster dog will greet you like your biggest fan (which he basically is). They also make excellent wingmen. Go anywhere with a dog and you know he’s got your back.

Cats make fab foster pets, too, and great teachers for those who want to learn how to play it cool. Think of it like having your very own Zen master. Your foster cat may not shower you with slobbery kisses, but you’re a rock star to her, too, trust us.

Beaux lost his home and ended up at the DeKalb Animal Services shelter in Atlanta. The shelter is managed by LifeLine Animal Project, one of our partners in the Atlanta area, and Best Friends volunteers Erin and Eric Granados stepped up to foster the larger-than-life Beaux before he came to the Best Friends Lifesaving Center in Atlanta. As you can see in the photos below, Beaux is embracing every moment with Erin and Eric, and he illustrates the joy of fostering perfectly.

10 more reasons to foster a pet

1 You’ll get a new football-watching buddy.
Beau the foster dog watching football on TV

2 You can have pajama parties. On Tuesdays.
Man lying on a couch under a blanket with Beau the foster dog lying on the floor next to him

3 Every home needs its own bouncer, right?
Beau the foster dog looking to the side

4 Daily meditation is easier with a friend.
Beau the foster dog sitting on a porch on a yoga blanket

5 You'll learn how to make a bed out of anything.
Beau the foster dog lying on both a small dog bed and a pillow

6 Blanket? Who needs a blanket?
Woman lying on the couch with Beau the foster dog lying on her lap

7 Finally, a backseat driver who doesn’t tell you how to drive.
Woman taking a selfie photo in the car with Beau the foster dog in the back seat

8 You’ll get a supervisor who wants you to take more breaks.
Beau the foster dog watching a man trim hedges

9 You'll find a use for your old sweatshirts. Beaux wears it well, doesn’t he?
Beau the foster dog wearing a hoodie, outside on a lawn with fallen leaves

10 You'll never have to take a selfie alone again.
Beau the foster dog looking at the camera with a smiling woman behind him

When you foster cats or dogs from a local shelter or rescue group, you’re giving them the freedom to let their personalities shine and allowing them to be, well, pets again. You’re helping to save lives, and you’re opening up space at the shelter for another homeless animal who deserves the chance to find a home.

Ready to feel like a rock star? You’ve already got a fan club at your local shelter, where there are cats and dogs who would love a chance to crash at your place — even if it’s just for a weekend.

Be a hero, foster a pet

Photos courtesy of Erin Granados