10 New Year's resolutions to help dogs

Expert advice on how you can make this year better for homeless dogs and puppies, including by fostering, adopting and advocacy work.
By Denise LeBeau

Dogs give love freely and unconditionally, so this year, why not make a resolution to give back to dogs in need? Here are ways to make a difference in the lives of homeless canines.

10 New Year’s resolutions to help dogs

  1. Join the Best Friends Legislative Action Center. You will get legislative alerts tailored for where you live, so you can let your elected officials know animal issues are important to their constituents.
  2. Adopt your next pet; don’t buy them from a puppy mill–supplied pet store or website.
  3. Spread the word about the cruelty of puppy mills and the joys of pet adoption.
  4. Winston and BrianTake action against pet stores that sell dogs supplied by puppy mills.
  5. Ask your local shelter what kind of enrichment and interactive toys they could use (e.g., Kongs that can be filled with peanut butter or other items that help keep dogs’ minds and bodies active).
  6. Get social: Tweet and post your local shelter or rescue group’s adoptable dogs.
  7. Foster a dog or a puppy.
  8. If you see breed discrimination or bad policies that result in the killing of animals in your community, take action by contacting local government officials. Start a petition to change things. Contact the press.
  9. Transport dogs for a shelter or rescue group – it’s among the easiest and quickest ways to help an animal. You can help drive an animal to safety by going the full distance or just a portion.
  10. Volunteer by doing whatever it is you do best. Organizations often need help with everything from office work like data entry and filing, to photography, to dog walking, to socializing animals.

Adopt a dog from Best Friends.


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