6 Sanctuary animals with wild look-alikes

These animals from around Best Friends Animal Sanctuary look like they're straight out of the wild.
By Sarah Thornton

Editor’s note: We know the world is a scary place right now. If you’re looking for information on pets and coronavirus, you can find that here. If you’re looking for a break from serious news, we hope this story from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary brightens your day!

Pets often remind us of other animals ― by their actions and their appearance. A stealthy black cat can be compared to a sleek panther. A huge brown dog might be named Moose. And that parrot is undeniably a dinosaur. These adorable animals at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary definitely bring to mind a few different species. Can you see the resemblance?

1. Dakota as an otter

Dakota the dog next to an otter

Image source: Jennifer Hayes and Jukka Jantunen / Shutterstock

Someone said Dakota looks like an otter. One of these does have suspiciously floppy ears, but we’re pretty sure we just have two otter photos. Where did we put that picture of Dakota?

2. Curly Sue as a wolf

Collage of Curly Sue the cat next to a wolf

Image source: Christa Bruno and Holly Kuchera / Shutterstock

While Curly Sue may be the tiniest, fluffiest cat around, her wild counterpart is the imposing wolf. She won’t huff and puff, but she’ll purr as loud as she can. And she’d much rather be comfy inside a house than blow it all down.

3. Lordes as a hippopotamus

Collage of photo of Lordes the dog next to a hippo

Image source: Molly Wald and Nick Greaves / Shutterstock

With her short, stocky frame, it’s no wonder some compare Lordes to a hippopotamus. She certainly enjoys the water enough. She’d probably live in it, too, if she had the chance.

4. Sophie as a black bear

Bear sleeping on a log

Image source: Sarah Thornton and Jana H / Shutterstock

From this angle with her thick black fur and the shape of her ears and snout, Sophie the pig looks like a big bear. She’s enjoying that super-sized back scratcher, though. We don’t recommend trying that with a real bear.

5. Sasha as a sun bear

Collage of Sasha the dog next to a sunbear, both with tongues out

Image source: Molly Wald and tomava / Shutterstock

Sasha has gorgeous, unique markings — for a dog. They wouldn’t look too out of place on a sun bear, though. If only her tongue was just a little bit longer.

6. Aretha as a peacock

Collage of Aretha the peacock next to a male peacock

Image source: Brianna Vlach and Viliam.M / Shutterstock

No, we’re not trying to pull a fast one on you here. Aretha is a peafowl, but she’s female. She should be brown all over, without the long, fancy tail. When she arrived, that was true, but somewhere along the way she decided she’d rather look fabulous.

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