7 photos of pets celebrating Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day photos of dogs, horses, birds, cats and guinea pigs celebrating love.
By Christelle L. Del Prete

The Sanctuary is full of love every day of the year, but on Valentine’s Day, there’s a little extra magic in the air. While it’s best known as a romantic holiday, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. It’s also a great day to show a best friend how much you care. These animals are showing us just how much fun life can be when you add one plus one and become a dynamic duo.

Horses have a ball

“This is why young horses need other young horses,” says Horse Haven trainer Ann Hepworth. Dusty and Prince are like giant toddlers at a never-ending birthday party. Thank goodness they have each other, and their jolly ball.

Horses Dusty and Prince playing with a ball together

Cockatoos’ new shoes

Shopping with a friend is always more fun, and these two cockatoos are having a blast trying on their new shoes. The question is: Which tastes better, purple or blue?

Pair of cockatoos, each holding a tiny shoe and chewing on it

Buddies, briefly

These pelicans buddied up for a short time during their rehabilitation at Wild Friends. The large aviary gave them a chance to test their wings and get ready for release back into the wild. The guy in front shows his buddy how it’s done.

Pair of pelicans buddy up during wildlife rehabilitation

Snuggle sessions

Spatz and Maisie know how to keep warm during a long, cold winter in southern Utah. Both of these kitties used to be a bit shy around other cats when they first arrived at the Sanctuary, but it’s obvious from their cat tree snuggle sessions that they’ve won each other’s hearts — and ours.

Spatz and Maisie the cats snuggling together on a cat tree perch

The “adopt me” twins

Siblings Abu and Raja really looked like twins, especially when they assumed the most adorable yin-and-yang position in their matching “adopt me” vests. Did the pose pay off? You bet it did. Abu and Raja have both been adopted and are in happy new homes.

Abu and Raja, puppies from the same litter, both wearing matching "Adopt Me" vests

Two pigs in a pod

What’s better than adopting one guinea pig? Adopting two guinea pigs. Brandy and Ivy recently went to a great new home. Now, they’ll get to spend the rest of their lives as two peas (or pigs) in a pod.

Brandy and Ivy the guinea pigs sitting on the lap of one of two women adopting them

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