8 dogs beat the heat in the pool

The temperature is rising here at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, and that means it's pool season for these excited dogs
By Sarah Thornton

It’s summertime and the temperature each day is rising higher and higher — especially in the middle of the desert. Here at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, that means it’s time to haul out the doggie pools and start filling up the dog park pools. For our water-loving canine friends, pool season is the best season of all.

As dogs all over Dogtown bark excitedly when they see the pools coming out, it’s clear that they’re ready to jump and splash and drink straight from the hose. After all, what better way to cool off after running around the yard than soaking in your own private pool?


Raquel is making a splash in one of the dog park pools, and then chases the splashes she makes. This playful pup has no problem making up games to keep herself entertained both in and out of the water.


Swimming is certainly one of Safira’s favorite activities, but the allure of chomping at a poolside fountain can sometimes be too much. Just be careful it doesn’t go up your nose, Safira.

Holy Moly

Pool time is perfect for Holy Moly to hone his skills in playing water polo and making mud puddles. He’s a very skillful pooch, and he always knows how to keep training fun.


Calvin got the in-ground upgrade to his pool and he’s loving it. This goofy guy has to let all his neighbors know he has the best pool of all.


Pixie did not want to wait for her pool to finish filling up. She wanted to be in that cool water right away. And it’s extra nice and refreshing to drink — before she gets her sandy paws in it, of course.


Yara wasted no time dunking and rolling her entire body into her pool. Get soaked, shake off, repeat. That’s her way to beat the heat.


At nine years old, Domingo might be getting some gray around his snout. But that doesn’t stop him from jumping and splashing through the water like a pup half his age.

Gorgeous George

Gorgeous George goes all-in when it comes to fetch. Throw something and he’s going to go get it — even if it’s submerged (perhaps even especially if it’s submerged). After all, diving is his favorite hobby.

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Photo by Molly Wald