Admiring Ogy

Single dog seeks family, but until then enjoys the good life.
By Christelle L. Del Prete 

Ogy smilingWhat's a single dog to do on Valentine's Day? Run and play, of course, or enjoy a visit or some gifts from a long-distance admirer. Or … maybe find a family to call his own?

Ogy's got lots of choices, though he's currently still unattached. Right now, he's living the bachelor life at Maggie's Mercantile in Dogtown, one of the areas where dogs who live alone are housed. And, although this very handsome mixed-breed dog hasn't found the right love match yet, he isn't sweating it; he knows he's a really good catch.

A lot to admire

An athletic boy, Ogy has always enjoyed long hikes and games of fetch. And despite being a bit older now, he prides himself on staying active. But don't worry; if Ogy gets tired, he'll let you know. He might even ask for a ride.

Here at the Sanctuary, his favorite mode of transportation is a golf cart. Caregiver Jacquie Bushway-Speer says that he is the "king of the golf cart; he likes to sit there with his head held high and your arm around him." He even knows how to lean into the turns. Ride on, Ogy!

Oh, and don't think Ogy doesn't have his share of admirers. Repeat volunteers come from all over the country to spend time with him, because, as Jacquie says, "he's got personality galore, and every time you see him, he makes you smile!"

Some of these admirers clearly can't stop smiling about him after they leave the Sanctuary. Care packages keep coming from all over the country, and they contain some of Ogy's very favorite things - treats, toys and beds. In fact, at one point, Ogy received so many beds that he got picky about them (though he has since picked a favorite).

On the job

Ogy with KaleneOgy's even got a job. Every Thursday, he goes to the office to help Kalene Craddock, executive assistant at Best Friends Community Programs and Services. Kalene says he's a pretty mellow boy who sticks close by her desk and follows her wherever she goes.

He's also "a sweetheart and so darn lovable," Kalene says. He really likes to cuddle and will give little kisses in return. "He's a great dog who would make someone very happy - and he, too, would be very happy to find his forever home."


It seems that everyone who meets Ogy falls in love. So why hasn't Ogy found "the right one" yet? Well, the people who come to see Ogy here at the Sanctuary are animal lovers - and a good number of animal lovers already have pets, or they enjoy having multiple pets. Ogy, on the other hand, prefers people only. And finding a home where he can be the only pet is a bit challenging.

Luckily for Ogy, and for other pets like him, single-pet households are out there. It might just take a little bit of magic (or matchmaking!) to make that special love connection. That's why Best Friends is doing the "Single and Loving It!" adoption promotion this month. We're hoping the stars will align for Ogy, and for a few other eligible singles as well.

Learn more about our "Single and Loving It!" adoption promotion or adopt a single pet today.

Photos by Molly Wald and Ann Hepworth