Adopting a beautiful white, blue-eyed, deaf and shy cat

Sequin is a beautiful white cat with blue eyes. She is also deaf and very shy, but those are the qualities that endeared one woman to her.
By David Dickson

When Lori Barr found Sequin under the special-adoptions section of the Best Friends website, her heart went out to the beautiful cat. Sequin, a four-year-old deaf cat with a pretty healthy shy streak, seemed a perfect fit for Lori’s home. Lori describes her house as a low-traffic area, a place where a shy cat can find peace and relaxation.

 All-white cat with blue eyes who is deaf

Adopting a deaf and shy cat

Lori arranged to pick up Sequin while she was in Las Vegas. The flight home was uneventful, but it also marked the last time Lori or her family saw Sequin for several days. No, she didn’t run off. She basically hid under anything in the house that would conceal a very timid kitty. Poor thing!

Cat slowly overcoming her fear

As the days passed, though, Sequin gradually came out of hiding. She let the people pet her … a little. Around this time, another member of the family – Thomas the cat – decided to intervene. Thomas is a social butterfly, and Sequin latched onto him right away. Thomas began showing Sequin that people, especially her new family, are perfectly nice. Sequin eventually struck a compromise. The scary humans could pet her, provided she was simultaneously hiding under the pool table.

Progress continues. She may not be a snuggle monster yet, but she’s getting there. Thomas, you’ve earned double catnip portions for your efforts in helping this bashful beauty find her place in the world. And Sequin, enjoy your new family! We’re sure you’ll feel right at home in no time.

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Photos courtesy of Sequin's new family


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