Adventurous guinea pigs at pet adoption event

Six guinea pigs hit the road to attend a mobile adoption event in Scottsdale, Arizona. They were great ambassadors for Best Friends!
By David Dickson

Six brave ambassadors just made Best Friends history. Spike, Stetson, Pippin, Petree, Scabbers, and Chewy went on the first-ever Best Friends guinea pig mobile adoption. They left a trail of jealous hair stylists in their wake all the way from Kanab, Utah, to Scottsdale, Arizona. (Come on, you gotta love guinea pig hair!)

Guinea pigs at mobile pet adoption event

Aside from flaunting their wake-up-gorgeous hairdos, the guinea pigs had some serious business at hand. First, finding families of their own and, second, putting in a good word for their rabbit friends back at the sanctuary.

Rabbits don’t go on mobile adoptions because travel often stresses them out too much. Guinea pigs seem to do a bit better, so the rabbit caregivers (who also look after the guinea pigs) decided to let them try out their traveling legs on a mobile event down in Scottsdale. And because the guinea pigs are such great pals with the rabbits, they insisted that the caregivers bring along a book full of bunny adoption profiles.

Ambassador guinea pigs

Sad to say, none of the guinea pigs found a home during the big event. They’re not giving up hope, though! You never know who might call after the fact. Besides, they did manage to plant a few seeds. People who’d never heard of Best Friends before are now considering trips to the sanctuary. And no matter the outcome, it was still a good experience. The guinea pigs proved they can handle mobile adoptions. Besides, nothing wrong with taking in a few new sights, don’t you think?

Rescued from a hoarding situation

All six guinea pigs came from a rough spot—a hoarding situation that got way out of hand. They’ve been happy at the sanctuary, learning about a concept the rest of the world calls "elbow room," but now they’re ready for homes of their own. And if they have to pull off a road trip or two to find homes, they’re game!

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Photos by Sarah Ause


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