Amazon parrot lifespan

Amazon parrots live a long time, up to 80 years. They often lose their homes. They should be left in the wild. Read story of one domestic parrot.
By Best Friends staff

The thing about parrots is that they live so terribly long. That’s good news for them, of course, when they’re out in the wild. But bad news when they’ve been domesticated and need to find a forever family ... for 80 years.

Amazon parrot loses family after 24 years

Just ask Paco. A new parrot at Best Friends, his family loved and cared for him for a whopping 24 years. That’s a pretty good commitment to most pets! The problem is, he’s only 25 now, which means he may have 45 years to go, and at last, they had a change in lifestyle that prevented keeping him. This is why it’s not easy finding forever homes for parrots! And why, ideally, they should just be left in the wild.

Domestic parrot comes to Best Friends

But Paco, of course, is now a domestic animal who needs care and protection. So he’s come to Best Friends, where this very personable Amazon will be seeking a family that can keep him permanently. Why did his family decide that Best Friends was the best place for him to look for a home? Because a while ago, they themselves tried to adopt a bird from Best Friends – a companion for Paco. And we had to deny their application. So when they realized they had to give up Paco, they said to themselves, "We know Best Friends will be careful whom he goes home to. We know firsthand because they turned us down once!"

Paco is now waiting in the new, light and airy Feathered Friends house until just the right folks come along for him.

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