Animal outtake photos

See funny animal outtake photos of adoptable dogs, cats and other animals taken as the photographer was trying to capture each animal's personality.
By Best Friends staff

We work hard to find homes for thousands of pets each year from our adoption centers around the country, and a big part of that is capturing each animal’s unique qualities in photos.

A great photo can help a pet get adopted, but it might take dozens of shots to get just the right one. Then there are the other, less than perfect shots that make us laugh out loud. We picked a few of our favorites that show how much fun rescued pets can be.

ACDC, an orange and white cat licking his lips
“I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.” – ACDC the cat

A black and a white puppy playing with the white puppy falling down
“Whoops-a-daisy!” – puppies Altuve and Correa

Butters the sheep with his face right in front of the digital camera being held by photographer Molly Wald
“I’m ready for my extreme close-up.” – Butters the sheep


A brown and white pit bull terrier sitting on an orange chair with her eyes closed and mouth open in a smile with her tongue out
“Did I blink again?” – Faye


A husky type dog on an orange chair leaning his head back with his tongue sticking out
“This IS my serious face.” – Kodiak


A small brown and white dog being petted by a person and his eyes are closed
“That’s the spot.” – Checkers the Chihuahua


A brown and white tabby cat sitting in a bed winking with one eye closed
“Here’s looking at you, kid.” – Socks the cat


Woman holding a treat up with a white and brown pit bull terrier looking up toward her hand
“Keeping my eye on the prize.” – Storm


Black and white puppy being held by someone with his eyes most of the way closed
“Just resting my eyes.” – Fonz

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Photos by Best Friends staff

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