Another day at the office, part 1

Meet the hardworking and ever-so-charming feline office staff at the Sanctuary.
By Best Friends Animal Society

By Christina Green


Everyone knows cats have staff. So it should come as no surprise that there are quite a few felines behind the scenes at Best Friends making sure their two-legged subordinates are getting the job done.


Even though they love their roles as office employees, each feline dreams of being a stay-at-home kitty. Adopt one today, and he or she just might spill some behind-the-scenes secrets.


Plus, the adoption fee and cost of air travel will be waived for these hardworking professionals if adopted between April 12th and 19th.


Adoptable office cats






He wears a perfectly pressed, spotless suit every single day. Ziplock makes sure to look the part of head honcho. He came from a filthy hoarding situation. Now, he relishes having his long, silky black hair cleaned and brushed. Afterward, he waltzes around the office, full of pride at how good he looks. (He is a stunning cat.) When he’s not impressing everyone with his aristocratic air, he’s napping or lounging by the window, bird-watching. Like many office employees who dress the part, that doesn’t mean he intends to "play" the part. He paid his dues, and now he’s looking to live the good life. He’s got the looks. He’s got the right attitude. All he needs is you.



HEWednesday063 FB



Wednesday lives in the production coordinator’s office. But her first love appears to have been Human Resources. Always concerned about her office mates’ well-being and happiness, she strives to make their jobs easier. How? By helping them type, of course. (Didn’t you realize every cat takes touch-typing courses in kitty school?) She specializes in email and instant messaging. She can be a little trigger-happy, sending off messages before they’re finalized. It’s just her attempt at being helpful. But she’s not just helpful at the keyboard. Wednesday wants to know how you’re doing. This chatty girl enjoys having full-blown conversations with you. Understandably, the topic always comes back to her dreams of finding a family of her own.






Binky is the manager of Maintenance. At 12 years old, he’s been around enough to know all of the ins and outs of the office and the folks who keep the Sanctuary in tip-top shape. He knows the comings and goings of all the staff, including their breakfast and lunch schedules. He knows the best people to hit up for a snack, who will leave the door open a little too long so he can mosey outside to inspect things, and who will scratch his head. He also knows the best times to visit the cattery for mice or squirrel sightings, as well as the comfiest places for napping. But one thing he doesn’t know is how wonderful it feels to be a part of a family. Life has been all work. Could you add a little more play to Binky’s world?






Nirvana was so nervous on her first day as the new hire in Maintenance. She wasn’t sure where she should set up her comfy bed, which food bowl she could eat from, whom she should befriend, or who was the office gossip. Good thing her new boss, Binky, took her under his wing. Now she can concentrate on napping while he makes sure no one disturbs her. The two of them go over strategy at their meeting space near the window, the one with the bird feeder just outside. As much as she dreams of her first promotion to family member, she sure hopes there’s another cat there already to help her fit in.


In part 2, you'll meet the office contingent of fabulous felines in the Community Animal Assistance department, including CEQ (Chief Executive Queen) Melissa.


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