A beautiful, well-mannered mule named Belle

Belle the mule comes to the Sanctuary after her family of 24 years can no longer care for her. She is a beautiful and well-behaved girl.
By David Dickson

Her name means "beautiful," and Belle the mule has the looks to match. But even if she’d had a face only a mother could love, you’d better believe she would have been admired anyway. Her family brought her home when she was only two years old and they fell so in love with her that they cared for Belle’s every need over the next 24 years. They loved this girl to pieces!

A beautiful, well-behaved mule

After all that time, though, Belle’s family reached a point when they could no longer keep up physically with all the demands of caring for her. So they asked whether Best Friends had room for a perfect mule. Turns out that yes, there did happen to be a spot available just her size. So she came to live at the sanctuary.

When her family brought her over, though, they couldn’t resist showing off their best girl. "See?" they said. "You can check her teeth, her tail, her legs …" And like the good girl she is, Belle stood still for the works. No question, this is one well-behaved mule. She’d give show dogs a run for their money if they’d let her compete!

Pampering a mule

Here at Best Friends, the pampering will continue un-interrupted. Belle will always have a home at the sanctuary as long as she needs one. And seeing how she has this Mary Poppins thing going on ("practically perfect in every way"), she’s sure to be one popular lady. Once she starts making the rounds, she’ll rack up two-legged and four-legged pals at every turn. Welcome, Belle!

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Photo by Molly Wald

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