Best Friends Animal Sanctuary not in danger of Brian Head Fire

Fire affects several communities north of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in the Kanab, Utah, area. There is currently no threat to Best Friends.
By Kelli Harmon

The Brian Head Fire in Utah has been burning for a week, approximately 50 miles north of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Hundreds of firefighters are working to contain the fire, and several towns have been evacuated. The Sanctuary and nearby Kanab, Utah, are far from the evacuation sites and it is not expected that the area will be in danger.

John Garcia, Best Friends emergency response manager, says, “I want to reassure everyone that there is no threat to the Sanctuary. There's always a possibility of another fire starting closer so we're in contact with the EOC (Emergency Operations Center) to have as much information as possible.” Best Friends does have an emergency plan in place for the Sanctuary and the animals should that become necessary. At this time we are closely watching updates from local, state and national officials.

Additionally, Best Friends can offer assistance if needed for animals in the evacuation areas. John says, “Animal needs are part of the emergency planning structure, and teams have been coming from the north for large animals, but very little has been needed for the small animal front. The EOC won't hesitate to contact us if necessary. They know we are here and can assist if needed and they are comforted by that.”

Our thoughts go out to all affected, while we remain hopeful that crews will be able to contain the fire in the coming days.

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Photo by Molly Wald