‘Best Friends was out there, too, helping to save lives’

Take your animal companion(s) to your local Walgreens on September 27 for a photo shoot that benefits Best Friends.
By Best Friends Animal Society

On September 27, thousands of Walgreens stores across the country will host a Pet Photo Shoot that will benefit Best Friends Animal Society.


People are encouraged to bring their beloved cat, dog, ferret, bird, iguana and all other types of companion animals to their local Walgreens to have their photos taken together.


There’s no charge for the photo shoot itself, but you have the option of spending $5.99 for a photo, photo CD, pet treats and photo coupons. Walgreens will donate $5 of each sale to animal welfare organizations: half to Best Friends and half to Delta Society.


"We are very pleased to be selected as a beneficiary of Walgreens’ Pet Photo Shoot promotion," says Paul Berry, Best Friends chief executive officer. "Walgreens’ support of Best Friends is generous and most appreciated."


Walgreens, based in Deerfield, Illinois, is the nation's largest retail pharmacy chain.


Supporting animal welfare efforts fits with the company’s mission to promote general physical and emotional wellness, according to Martha O’Bryan, manager of community affairs. "Through their many programs, these organizations seek to assist both people and animals alike when they are at their most vulnerable and defenseless," O’Bryan says.


She also mentioned that Best Friends’ work after Hurricane Katrina and other rescue missions aligns nicely with Walgreens’ community outreach efforts.


"During Katrina, we were filling peoples’ prescriptions free of charge, giving out water and supplies – anything we could do," O’Bryan says. "And Best Friends was out there, too, helping to save lives.... They responded to communities directly impacted by adversity. We operate the same way."


A small pilot version of the Pet Photo Shoot proved successful, thanks to Gia Rosado, Walgreens’ Northwestern Illinois District photo supervisor.


An avid animal lover who lives with several rescued animal companions, Rosado combined business with pleasure … and charity. She set up a photo shoot at two stores, with proceeds benefiting two local charities. "The community really came out in support of the program," she says. "And I think [the national] photo shoot is going to do really well, too."


JoAnn Turnbull, Delta Society’s director of marketing, plans to have her photo taken with her dog, Belle. She says she was thrilled that Walgreens chose Delta Society and adds that sharing the honor with Best Friends makes it all that much better.


"You know, in a way, Delta Society and Best Friends are at opposite ends of the animal welfare spectrum," she says. "Best Friends is about people helping animals and we’re about animals helping people."


And Walgreens is about helping both organizations. You can help, too, by participating in Walgreens’ Pet Photo Shoot on September 27 between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.


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Written by Amy Abern



Photo of Brinkley (golden) by Troy Snow



Dog in sunglasses image provided by Walgreens




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