Blind dogs at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Blind cocker spaniel from abusive situation, blind Japanese chin from a puppy mill, and blind and deaf shelter dog come to Best Friends for care.
By David Dickson

Blind cocker spaniel named Chicky Everyone has heard of seeing-eye dogs. For years, trained and loving dogs have helped the blind get through life a little easier. But what happens when it’s the dog who’s blind? We’ve had an unusually high number of blind dogs at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary recently. Here are a few of them.

Blind cocker spaniel from abusive situation

Chicky Poo (pictured left), a beautiful cocker spaniel, was not born blind. She was born with sight, but lived in a cruel home, where physical abuse caused her blindness. Even so, she still has a tender side to her. You’d think she would be afraid of people, but that’s not the case. A little shy, Chicky Poo is still quick to say hello. Maybe she realizes she’s in a better place. We are grateful to have her here.

Blind Japanese chin dog from a puppy mill

Blind Japanese chin named DivaThen there’s Diva (pictured right), a Japanese chin. Diva spent the first part of her life as a breeder in a puppy mill. When she could no longer breed, the puppy mill got rid of her. She arrived entirely blind at Best Friends. Her eyes were actually under a great deal of pressure and needed to be surgically removed. She’s recovered well enough and loves to explore. She even flirts with another blind dog. Hey, at least they never have to dress up for each other!

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Blind and deaf dog from LA shelter

Yet another blind dog is Petra (pictured below). She came from a shelter in Los Angeles. She’s not only blind, but deaf, too. Though a little confused at times by her surroundings, and a little jumpy when you first pet her, Petra really loves attention. What a sweetie!

Blind puppy from shelter named Petra

At Best Friends, all these dogs receive special care. They have medications (often eye drops), and soft beds for lounging. When going for walks, the caregivers act as their eyes for the outing. More than anything, they are simply loved. And that seems to be the most helpful thing of all.

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Photos by Molly Wald