Book review: ‘10 Reasons Dogs Are the Absolute Best: A Book of Tiny Tails’

An honest and joyful journey through life's challenges with a rescued dog soul mate
By Sally Rosenthal

10 Reasons Dogs Are The Absolute Best is a little book with a big, heartfelt message. Although no dog lover would disagree with the euphoric title of debut author Amanda Gist’s homage to her elderly rescued dog, Haylie, anyone who shares her life with a beloved canine knows that sometimes life itself is less than euphoric.

Cover of the book, "10 Reasons Dogs Are The Absolute Best"Take Amanda’s own life, for example. Although family dogs had always been important to her, it wasn’t until she made the decision to adopt a shelter dog that she truly realized how necessary Haylie was. Grappling with eating disorder issues and severe depression for much of her early adulthood, Amanda came to rely on Haylie’s unconditional love and unwavering support to pull her out of anything, from a difficult day to suicidal plans.

As Amanda comes to acknowledge that she and Haylie had rescued each other, their bond deepens. When Haylie developed cancer, she repaid her dog’s love with devoted care as they fought the cancer and a subsequent illness. Looking back at their life together, while cherishing each additional day they have to share, Amanda, in writing their story, has spoken truths all dog lovers will recognize.

10 Reasons Dogs Are the Absolute Best: A Book of Tiny Tails by Amanda Gist. Soulful Creations Studios, 2020, softcover, 84 pages, $13.99. 

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Photo by Lori Fusaro

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