Bunnies provide hands-on education for a preschool and kindergarten class

Two educational bunnies visit a preschool and kindergarten class to teach the kids about bunny care and responsible pet ownership.
By David Dickson

Want to liven up a school day? Throw in a couple of rabbits. Princess and Sweetums are becoming quite the hit with local kids. They have now been on two different educational outings, one at a preschool and one in a kindergarten class. And in both cases, the kids went crazy for their visitors. Well, who wouldn’t want to meet two little fluffballs like these?

Of course, it’s not all fun and games. The Best Friends staff who make the visits sneak in a little education. Kids learn so much better when they don’t realize they’re being taught!

Responsible bunny care

The caregivers and humane educators always talk about animal care: what to feed rabbits, what they sleep on, how they like to play, all that stuff. The earlier in life children can start to understand the responsibilities of having companion animals, the fewer homeless pets there will be. For example, Easter is just around the corner, and that holiday brings with it lots of impulsive decisions that end up making more homeless rabbits. But if five-year-old Suzy can remember what Princess and Sweetums taught them, perhaps she’ll ask for a chocolate bunny instead of a real one.

The school kids are allowed to pet Princess and Sweetums with two fingers only. This keeps the stars of the show safe and happy. Now if somebody could find a way to grow carrots in the shape of pencils and erasers, they’d be all set to find homework buddies.

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Photos by Clay Myers

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