Can't get enough 'DogTown'?

Nat Geo 'DogTown' season three DVD set, companion book, and computer game set for release in October.
By Best Friends Animal Society

It’s all about Dogtown — the real thing, on the grounds of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary — as depicted in the "DogTown" series on the National Geographic Channel.


Now, back by popular demand, National Geographic Television is releasing "DogTown" in a special set that showcases Best Friends’ special-needs dogs, caregivers and trainers. A companion book is being released as well. On top of that, a "DogTown" game for PCs — where consumers can play caregiver, trainer and veterinarian — will also be available for purchase.


The three-disc standard-definition set, which includes all 10 season three episodes, also highlights bonus programs "Archie and Electra’s New Run," "Rescue Dogs" and a primer on Best Friends. It also recaps a special case from Emmylou Harris’ Tennessee animal rescue.


Sherry Woodard, Best Friends’ animal behavior expert and consultant, went to Nashville, where country music legend Harris runs Bonaparte’s Retreat, a sanctuary for rescued dogs. While there, Woodard spent time with Gunnar, a troubled dog posing a challenge for the staff.


At the end of Sherry’s visit to Nashville, Harris headed out in her tour bus with two of her dogs and a group of musicians, knowing that Gunnar had made progress. Woodard’s work with Gunnar is featured in the "DogTown" series.


The DVD set, titled "DogTown: Friends in Need," is available for pre-order. The book, "DOGTOWN: Tales of Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Redemption" by Stefan Bechtel, includes 50 black and white photos.


Season four of "DogTown" debuts January 2010 on the National Geographic Channel.


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Written by Cathy Scott




Photo by Molly Wald



DVD image courtesy of National Geographic


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