Cat joins family who likes to travel in an RV

Sinatra the cat is adopted into a family who travels frequently in their RV that also includes a Pomeranian dog. This cat is ready to hit the road.
By Best Friends staff

It’s not every day that the Best Friends adoption staff can simply step out the front door of the adoption office to do a home check!

RV trip to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Don Brock and his wife, Dona Akamine, spend three months a year RVing, and the other nine back at their home in California. On the road, they found a brochure about Best Friends and decided to make a visit. Even though the brochure didn’t mention adoption, Don and Dona were hoping secretly that there would be a chance. (Boy, did they come to the right place!)

Not long ago, they lost their 17-year-old cat to heart problems. Their little RV family, now consisting of Dona and Don and their Pomeranian, was no longer complete.

Search for a cat to travel with in the RV

They explained what they wanted—a mellow, snuggly cat beyond the kitten years—and the adoption staff set to work. It didn’t take long to find the right match. Based on Don and Dona’s description, the adoption staff suggested five-year-old Sinatra. The moment they walked into his room and sat down, Sinatra ran over and jumped onto Don’s lap, leaning in for purrs and affection.

"He’s the most affectionate cat I’ve ever seen," says Don. So did somebody tip off Sinatra that these two were thinking about adopting? Perhaps. Either way, Sinatra put on a performance worthy of the glory days of the Rat Pack.

One bonus if your home happens to be on wheels is that it sure makes that home check a bit easier! The staffers checked out the RV and gave the all-clear. Sinatra got a chance to meet the family dog and everything. No snags whatsoever. One short visit to Best Friends and the traveling gang was complete once again. Congrats, everybody!

Photo by Sarah Ause

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